I know I was born because somebody told me and I trust them. I was a normal kid as far as my doctor could tell. I didn't show any particular artistic talents (see picture). The tipping point of my life was the Christmas in 1991 when my parents bought me my first computer called Didaktik M (licensed ZX Spectrum made in Czechoslovakia). Thanks to this wonderful machine, I didn't do any sports, my social life was pretty limited and I was getting chubby.

I grew tall very quickly. I was the tallest in my class for a while. But then I remained the same for very long time effectively growing smaller everyday. Computers were still my greatest love. I studied geometry of three dimensional surfaces in four dimensions just to forget everything after graduation and become a software engineer.

When I realized my body is weak and my stamina low, I started running and that's what I like to do now. Together with travelling and million other things. Recently I joined the ranks of Indie Game Developers and released my frist game. See links!